Monday, October 14, 2013

Jeanine Henderson—My favorite horror story

I know this week's theme was horror story, but I stretched my interpretation a little and illustrated an urban legend that always freaked me out as a kid. (Sort of still does!) It's the story of Bloody Mary, and legend has it that if you stand in a dark room in front of a mirror and call out "Bloody Mary" 3 times, you'll summon the spirit of a little girl who was buried alive and escaped her grave. If you get her to appear she'll scare you "to death". It never worked, but there was always this little part of me that wanted to see what would really happen if she appeared....


  1. Jeanine- this story totally freaked me out as a kid as well! When I was around the age for Bloody Mary to make the rounds, in grade school, the bathroom was in the basement of our very old school. It was so awful making that trip, and when I was finished I would bolt up all the stairs back to our classroom. I still occasionally get the willies when I pass a mirror in the dark.

  2. Mirrors are the worst! Whenever i'm cleaning my brushes in the bathroom late at night I always expect to see something peering back at me from behind the shower curtain.