Friday, October 24, 2014

Sarah Gay-O'Neill - Haunted

18x24 oil & graphite on paper
Documenting relics are a common occurrence in my work. I am fascinated by the things we leave behind; what others have left behind before us. I find them haunting and intriguing. Everything from the coins I receive upon making a purchase, wondering: "What has this penny from 1940 bought in it's days...? How many hands has it passed through? Did it purchase good or bad things?".
In the past few years I've been particularly taken with old homes and clothes. They keep reappearing in my work. I am completely taken by how these relics outlive the people who have worn/lived in them. What experiences did they have in those clothes, shoes, homes, etc?
I am haunted. Delightfully haunted with curiosity.

Rovina Cai - Haunted

All the buildings at my primary (elementary/grade/whatever-you-call-it) school were old Victorian houses that had been turned into classrooms while still preserving much of the original decor. The school library was in a particularly dim and dusty house that looked a bit like the Gryffindor common room. Occasionally, while tucked away in some dark corner reading scary stories, you'd feel a gentle breeze even though no one had walked past, or hear the floorboards creak in the empty attic above. Theories about hauntings were ripe, with each story more far-fetched than the last.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jorge Mascarenhas - Haunted

October sightseeing.

Elisabeth Alba - Haunted

My grandparents in Spain lived in this amazing apartment in Madrid filled with antiques, including a  massive 17th century portrait of a man in armor, hanging in the dining room. It had the type of eye that was always directed at you. It was visible from the main hallway and my sister and I hated walking by the entrance to the dining room and see his eyes staring at us, especially at night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jensine Eckwall- Haunted

The Projectors

This comic will be printed in the next issue of The Lodge, a Portland-based comics anthology.

Michelle Dickens-Haunted

This symbolic piece commemorates the weight of the horror and sadness that haunts all places where the worst atrocities against humanity have and continue to occur.

Lee Moyer - Haunted

September 10th marked the end of my blissful week in the home of artist and raconteur Michael Wm Kaluta. The city shimmered and shone ~ the weather (and indeed all else) flawless from start to finish.

Driving south down the NJ Turnpike I looked in the rearview mirror at the last piece of Manhattan still visible and spoke aloud:

"Goodbye New York."
"Goodbye World Trade Center."

Monday, October 20, 2014

Michael Manomivibul - Haunted

A little sketch for a little haunting.

I grew up in Thailand, ghosts are seriously a day to day normality. So much so that you can find these little houses on most streets, they are setup to attract wondering spirits, little food offerings refreshed everyday. Most people would prefer that the lost spirits inhabit this little house instead of their own home.

Carly Janine Mazur - Haunted

"White Lady" 5"x7" oil and acrylic on board
I live in a hotbed of the paranormal. Growing up, every October Ed and Lorraine Warren would come to my high school and do a presentation about the hauntings in the area and about the exorcisms and investigations they've conducted.

A constant in our area is the famous White Lady of Union Cemetery. She's almost caused my friends car accidents to avoid hitting her, and my Poppa said that he had an encounter when he was young, but never went into detail, remaining vigilantly silent about his experience.

Jacob Sanders - Haunted

During the Civil War, a Confederate prison for Union Soldiers became place to one of the most tragic events of the war. The Confederate military-based prison facility that is commonly referred to as Andersonville Prison was officially dubbed, “Camp Sumter”, due to the fact that it was located in Sumter County, Georgia. The Confederate soldiers had reached an agreement that the Union soldier prisoners of war should be placed in an area that had a high level of security. Due to poor planning, disease, limited food, and overpopulation, Camp Sumter became the scene of 13,000 deaths within 14 months.

Confederate officer, Henry Wirz, was in command of the camp. After the war, he was executed for conspiracy and murder for his deeds as commander. 

The vacant prison is notorious for its haunted halls. Visitors have reported hearing loud cries, faint whispers and whimpers, and yelling while exploring the site. Many have seen the ghost of Henry Wirz making his nightly rounds at the camp.

2014 Challenge #4 - Haunted

"The house was special and fine and tall and dark.  There must have been a thousand windows in its sides, all shimmering with cold stars.  It looked as if it had been cut out of black marble instead of timbers, and inside?  Who could guess how many rooms, halls, breezeways, attics.  Superior and inferior attics, some higher than others, some filled with dust and webs and ancient leaves or gold buried above the ground in the sky but lost away so high that no ladder in town could take you there.

The house beckoned with its towers, invited with its gummed-shut doors.  Pirate ships are a tonic.  Ancient forts are a boon.  But a house, a haunted house, on All Hallow’s Eve? 

-Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

Did you live by a haunted house growing up? Is there a doorway that you are afraid to walk by at night? Do you have an old family heirloom hidden away because it never felt right? Places and objects carry stories of their past or become imprinted by the people around them. What thing or place has made the hair stand up on the back of your neck?

From October 20-24: We will be making art about "Hauntings". Share yours with us on twitter using #monthoffear.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Guest Art - Demons Within

Jana Heidersdorf

Demons Within
Asu Rocks

Cameron K. Lewis
 When I was looking into demonology, there were several mentions of legions of demons. I’m not sure why, but that made me think of the Urak-Hai from LOTR. I imagined a similar force within these armies of demons that was comprised of these big, brutish, imposing figures.
They wear hulking suits of thick red armor and their rotting skulls steam and reek of sulfur. Any legion of demons is terrifying, especially with these guys in the ranks.

Merihim prince of Pestilence
Fernando Guardiola

Alice Stanne - Demons Within

Sorry I'm a bit tardy to the demon party, I got carried away with my submission for Demons Within...the Home. I made a small pop up book about the different demons that reside in people's homes, including Pedulefur, who steals individual socks from the drier; Tenentium, who takes up all the valuable space in the closet; and Mucilagosa, who is responsible for the pink scum ring around the tub.