Monday, October 20, 2014

Jacob Sanders - Haunted

During the Civil War, a Confederate prison for Union Soldiers became place to one of the most tragic events of the war. The Confederate military-based prison facility that is commonly referred to as Andersonville Prison was officially dubbed, “Camp Sumter”, due to the fact that it was located in Sumter County, Georgia. The Confederate soldiers had reached an agreement that the Union soldier prisoners of war should be placed in an area that had a high level of security. Due to poor planning, disease, limited food, and overpopulation, Camp Sumter became the scene of 13,000 deaths within 14 months.

Confederate officer, Henry Wirz, was in command of the camp. After the war, he was executed for conspiracy and murder for his deeds as commander. 

The vacant prison is notorious for its haunted halls. Visitors have reported hearing loud cries, faint whispers and whimpers, and yelling while exploring the site. Many have seen the ghost of Henry Wirz making his nightly rounds at the camp.

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