Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daniel Nyari - What Terrified You As A Child?

Growing up in Austria, the Holiday tradition of Krampus was still heavily practiced, although the Austrian government actively restricted it deeming it inappropriate for children. For those unfamiliar, Krampus is a beast-like creature that comes around during the Holiday season (sometimes accompanied by Saint Nicholas), visits the homes of naughty children, beats and takes them away. The tradition is often accompanied by something called Krampuslauf in which celebrants, fueled by alcohol run around town scaring civilians. Parents would often allow these miscreants in homes of children and give them a "good scare in the name of fun". The idea of a home invasion terrified me and when it happened, it would always result in me trying to hide, being chased around and eventually hit by chains and bundles of birch branches. 


  1. Ho.Ly. Shit....Da hell kind of holiday is that?? This is an amazing piece though.

  2. Thanks Ricardo. Pretty crazy right? It's mostly still practiced in smaller, more rural towns like the one I lived in. I reckon at least it's helping Austria's therapists get regular work.