Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dawn Carlos - What Terrified You As A Child?

So when I was a kid, I had many many fears, but the one I recall having the most experiences with, was I was terrified of getting left somewhere. My mom spent a lot of time watching the Lifetime network and she'd see all these shows about abductions and kidnappings and drama-ey stuff like that, the usual stuff lifetime original movies usually covered and I was usually around playing with my toys when she'd watch those shows. I was also one of those kids who couldnt watch that one scene from Bambi and the scene in Dumbo, where he gets cradled by his mom through the cage. There have been a couple instances in my childhood where Ive experienced such fear, namely, getting lost and crying all over the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, because I couldn't find my siblings right away, an airport one where I very very very briefly lost my mom in the crowd and this elevator scene...

I was in an elevator with my parents, being my unaware space-case headed little self, at my Aunt's house in Foster City,CA where I had spent every other summer growing up. We were headed somewhere, since we were riding the elevator down to the parking lot. Elevator goes DING! we arrive at the parking lot, and I dont look up enough in time to see the elevator doors closing. When I do however, I realise my parents are on the other side and i was still  behind these giant metal doors and it was terrifying...when I was a kid that was. In hindsight, it was all pretty silly, considering there was only 1 parking lot floor, and i could have easily just pressed "P" to go down again. But it scared the crap out of me at that age, and I felt like illustrating this, rather than some spiky toothed alien snake thing, like the one from many 80's and 90's horror movies, coming out of the toilet bowl, which is why for a time, I refused to flush toilets. Until I realized that my mom being mad was more terrifying than all the terrifying aliens combined...


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  1. This really is scary Dawn. I used to have dreams about something similar happening and wake up crying.