Friday, October 25, 2013

Narciso Espiritu - What Terrified You as a Child?

(Okay, so I am supa-supa-late, but I'm starting! And I'm going out of order, but I don't necessarily think that matters here. I can say that I have finished or nearly finished all the challenges, and I will be posting them daily until Halloween. Since there's a total of six challenges, I think this will work out quite well.)

This Childhood Fear is based on the the first time I met a dog when I was maybe five or six-years old. This is all contrary to my behavior towards dogs now, because I love canines. When you're still learning about the world, though, it isn't best when the first dog you meet is a German Shepherd watchdog at a warehouse. No no. I was terrified of being bit by a dog, and the rest of the dog came with the dread of being attacked, so it was a long time before I was comfortable with dogs. 

Since then, I've romped and rolled with all kinds of breeds. I have many favorites, but I have a soft-spot for shorties (terriers, Corgis, Bostons, Pugs, etc.) and Rottweilers. Weird combo, I know.



  1. Seriously great composition. I dig the graphic quality.

  2. Oh, man I love the way you handled this one. Those red teeth and the rest of the face in shadow- yikes.