Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Davi Blight - What is your Recurring Nightmare?

"Waking Line"

I don't find that I have recurring nightmares.
The dreams that I do have with fantastic beasts and horrors are always exciting to me and I welcome the visions.

If I could call anything a "recurring nightmare", it would be from a strange startle in my heart that I occasionally have had while trying to fall asleep. The jolt makes me feel like I'm sinking into myself. There's a moment while its happening where I truly believe that I could be dead, dying or some place completely different. I'm sure there's a rational explanation of the feeling, perhaps the brain being told to empty DMT out of the brain as I wake too quickly from REM, but to me in the moment it feels like my inner consciousness is being ripped up out of my dreams and thrown straight through my heart and out into the world in a violent dash to wake me up and let me know I'm alive.

I did not indeed to start this piece off with this message in mind, but its funny how pieces can speak their own wishes while working on them.

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  1. What a cool and creepy image for this strange phenomenon (which I experience too!) Love the texture!