Monday, October 7, 2013

Scott Brundage- What's your recurring nightmare?

Haven't had any nightmares that repeated in a long time. But there was a solid streak through my grade school years where I'd look down to discover I'd forgotten to dress myself. Part of the bizarre nature of these nightmares was the fact that the other students totally ignored my nudity. That made it somehow even more disturbing.


  1. I've had one where I only had a long T shirt on. I'd dart behind doors and lockers. No one ever saw me.

  2. I've had both these versions. Though usually I am more concerned about trying to find the classroom where the test is happening. Or realizing I had that math class on my schedule all semester and completely forgot about it.

    And it's always high school. Never college. And I know that in my dream- which bugs me- that I've graduated both. So why am I back??

    Gah- I need to go take some Nyquil so I don't dream tonight.