Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scott Murphy - Recurring Nightmare

Luckily, I don't have too many recurring nightmares lately. But when I was younger and still every once in a while now, I would often have the same dream that involved being trapped in some kind of dungeon or maze. Throughout the dream I would be pursued by some kind of creature similar to the guy above, and no matter how hard I tried, I could never get away. Eventually something would happen, I would trip, hit a dead end, or I would not be able to move faster than a crawl despite my best efforts, and it would catch me. This dream always left me jumping up out of sleep covered in sweat.


  1. I used to have almost EXACTLY the same dream. It was a hooded figure instead with a skull face, and a scythe. It followed me into the sewers where I would try to outrun it until it caught up with me. Then it cut me into little pieces that I would be able to see. I would always feel cold and then wake up in sweat. Cool!

  2. Oh cool! I haven't heard many other people talk about having a dream similar to this. We must both be running from the same fear! Though, the fact that you get cut into pieces takes it to whole other level, damn!

  3. And that's probably also why we both like Metal. lolz

  4. Your dream sounds awful- but this picture is so badass! Digital?

    1. Thanks! Well, it started as an ink wash, but the board is was using did really weird awful things. So yeah it's about 80% digital....not what i had in mind, but it worked out ok in the end.