Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tim Paul - My Worst Nightmare

I had several re-occuring dreams growing up. The one that caused a lot of terror was where I was trapped in a house, similar to the one I lived in. It was a huge Prairie style house. In the dream, there were lots and lots of stairs.

In the house was also an feeling of violence and dread, seeking me out. I would try and escape by running up and down the stairs. But the stairs were a trap. And once I started up or down, there was no way to go back. I was being driven forward by the violence and dread chasing me.

I would end up going down deep below where the cellar was. And all the stairs lead to the same place. A small square room, maybe a few feet across.

And in the very center of the room as a pit with no bottom. And there, I would sit, staring down into the pit. Knowing that the only way out was to jump across the pit to any of the other stairs that lead up.

But if I missed, I would fall into the pit, tumbling over and over forever.

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