Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Challenge #3 : Demons Within

“It is better to re enter hell and become an angel, than to remain in heaven and become a demon.”
-Victor Hugo

Ever since humanity began separating right from wrong, we have created demons to represent the darker parts of human nature. There is a rich encyclopedia of demonology and an entire hierarchy of fallen angels to draw inspiration from. For instance, have you ever heard of Duke Vual?

Vual is a mighty Great Duke of Hell, commanding thirty-seven legions of demons. He gives the love of women, causes friendship between friends and foes, and tells things past, present and to come. He first appears as a camel, then changes to a man and speaks egyptian. 

Some demons are worse than others and often the line between angel and demon seems blurred. Illustrate a demon from mythology (the Ars Goetia is a wonderful, weird list to start with) or create your own.

From October 13-17: we will be making art about "Demons". Share yours with us on twitter using #monthoffear.

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  1. I love this challenge so much! But I have a big 'deadline demon' looming over me... so I can't contribute this week... but who knows, I might be able to give my deadline demon a face after I've handed in my artwork to be printed.