Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guest Art - What are you Afraid of?

Week 2 is done and the internet is full of fears. Here are some highlights from outside the blog this week:

Cameron K. Lewis
"I have and probably always will find myself extremely afraid of the ocean and open water. Maybe it’s the sheer size of the sea - that it doesn’t care that we’re there. One person is insignificant compared to the immense power of the tides, the incredible depth and darkness at the bottom, and multitudes of life in the water. Floating there, you don’t really know what’s going on below.
Then again, maybe I just watched Jaws wayyy too much as a kid."

Fernando Guardiola
 "The “Curandera”.  These ladies would help you get rid of any illness physical or spiritual, they frankly scared the s$&@t out of me when I was young, all my friends and I though they where witches!"

Jana Heidersdorf
"When it's dark, every every door has to be shut. Who knows what might come through?"

Gwenevere Singley
"It took me a while to decide on this one (what ISN’T there to be afraid of these days?) I eventually decided one of the scariest things to me right now is the thought of losing myself to a disease like Alzheimer’s. (Grandma had Alzheimer’s. I am not happy about that disease. Not at all.) So, this is 'Loss of Self”. "

And here's one more from last week's challenge that's too unique not to share:
Gwenevere Singley
"Me and my sister invented this guy when we were really little, and anytime we were walking down a dark path at night and saw a mysterious light up ahead, we’d freak each other out saying it was “the pumper monster.” All I remember about it is that it had a light in its stomach and a suction pump toilet plunger thingy on its tail. I think it sucked people up and ate them. Because that’s what monsters do."

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