Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scott Brundage- What are you Afraid of?

Got a bit choked for time this week, so had to keep it pretty simple this time around.

Seems the more important fears have been covered. Mediocrity, failure, death of a loved one, all relevant to me in may personal ways.

But for reals. Little Richard terrified the shit out of me growing up. I know, now, that he is music royalty and a groundbreaking artist. As a child, however, he was the disturbing half-clown with huge teeth and weird eyes, rockin a hairlip creeper stache. I'd be minding my own business watching Full House or PeeWee and this guy would come on and the lights would dim in the room, his caked makeup face would eclipse the television and WOOOO!!!! WOOOOO!!! 


  1. Oh man, you're not alone. Way to bring back the nightmares.

  2. I'm agape.
    But in a good way (I think).