Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marc Scheff - What Are You Afraid Of?

As of last week, I had only really ever read/listened to one Lovecraft story, "The Artist's Model."

I was in a small cabin in the woods this weekend and I thought, "Why not put some on?" So I chose an audio recording at random, and started sketching. The story contained no real surprises until the end, in textbook Lovecraftian style. It was good to sit and sketch by the crackling fire, while the mellifluous english tones of my orator soothed away the troubles of the day. 

As I tucked my pencil in, and closed the book, it occurred to me quite strange that the location where the story took place was the very cabin in which I then sat.

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  1. Were can I buy a tentacle necktie? Does it squirm on it's own?