Thursday, October 9, 2014

Iris Compiet - What are you afraid of?

-Bozo and his balloon, graphite pencil color added in photoshop-
Bozo the clown was never very successful at making people laugh. He did however, to his delight, have an exceptional talent for evoking fear, anxiety, nervousness, angst, concern, despair, dismay, doubt, dread, horror, the jitters, pure panic, trepidation, chickenheartedness, terror, unease, worry, agitation, aversion, consternation, the creeps, discomposure, distress, fright, nightmare, phobias, presentiment, revulsion and what not.... add a balloon in the mixture and Bozo is the stuff that makes up my nightmares!


  1. Iris- you and I were clearly scarred by the same things as children.Love your watery shapes.

    1. ever since I saw IT at an early age, that's what you get when you have two big brothers... they tell you you can't watch but you know what happens... you'll sneak in and watch the damn thing... I have developed a fright for swimming pools as well, thinking Jaws might pop up, and I always hum the jaws theme when swimming, not helping