Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lee Moyer - "What Are You Afraid Of?"

Years before the terrifying self-healing metal menace of the T1000, there was a far more dangerous, and far more famous, monster of Filmland. He wasn't a mimetic poly-alloy of liquid metal that allowed him to assume the forms of objects. He was purest Teflon, and mimetic enough to be all things to all people.

When he had lived, he had been a negligible B-List actor who worked with chimps. But when the Republican Establishment resurrected him, he became a mindless threat to the whole world. Deeply discontented to rest peacefully in his fabled shining cemetery on the hill, he is continually revived and trotted out to frighten thinking people everywhere.

And while Colin Clive swore that lightning never struck twice in the same place, his Children of the Damned (Murdoch, Kochs, Palin, Limaugh, Beck, et alia, ad nauseum) terrify me too!


  1. That's hilarious. Well-painted!

  2. Fantastic. Truly horrifying. If you haven't yet, I recommend Killer Mike's superb rap track "Killer Mike" A great complement to this piece!

  3. Oh lord that is scary. Hilarious but terrifying!