Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jenna Kass - What Are You Afraid Of?

Oil on gessoboard, 8"x8"
I think every artist fears this, but it was underscored for me recently. My day job is one that involves strain and repetition, and last month, in the run-up to Illuxcon, I was a little to careless a few times too often, and wound up being in enough pain that I was wearing a wrist brace for everything but sleep for almost three weeks. I was drawing and painting in only short bursts, and it was miserable and terrifying.

Through the brace, overprotectiveness, and some hand stretches I learned from a mentor, it got better.... but I'm paranoid now.


  1. I've imagine loosing my arm or hand several times. When I ride in a car, or anything that might damage my right arm/hand. The left can fend for it's self.

    I've even imagined I should practice with my left hand in case something should happen to my right hand.

    I guess I need to watch out for both of them.

  2. Oh yeah. I have imagined pretty elaborate scenarios of what I would do if I suddenly lost the ability to draw. (being struck blind, amputated limbs etc) (lovely painting though- great palette)