Friday, October 17, 2014

Scott Murphy - Demons Within

The Baykok
14" x 14"
Charcoal and digital.

Here's a sketch I've worked up for a painting I'm creating for a group show in November. I thought the subject matter fits perfectly for the demons challenge here at Month of Fear. 

"The Baykok is a demon from the mythology of the Ojibway nation, which is said to fly through the forests of the Great Lakes region. The cries of Baykok are described as being shrill. Described as "Death" in The Song of Hiawatha, it is said to appear as an extremely emaciated skeleton-like figure, with thin translucent skin and glowing red points for eyes. The Baykok only preys upon warriors, but does so ruthlessly, using invisible arrows or beating its prey to death with a club. The Baykok, after paralyzing or killing its prey, then devours the liver of its victim."


  1. Just the liver? Not the heart for the tasty courage? Seems like a waste.

  2. Metal \m/

    Also great composition. Love the tree breaking up the image.

  3. I just love the lighting in this one. OK the composition and terrifying skeleton guy are great too...can't wait to see it painted!

  4. Wonderful work Scott! Gorgeous composition and haunting concept!