Friday, October 3, 2014

Iris Compiet - Things that go Bump

-Mr Dyer, 313 Renfrew St., Glasgow-

Mr Dyer, neighbor of Walter and Bessie who live at 213 Renfrew Street in Glasgow. People say he has lost his leg during a frightful accident... not only his leg mind you... ever since the accident mr Dyer has been very odd. He has a great big appetite, especially late at night, Walter and Bessie wake up at odd hours in the night. Mommy says it's just mr Dyer who can't sleep but the scratching noises they hear in between the bumps and clunks at night have Walter and Bessie believe that it's in fact their upstairs neighbor that's responsible for all the children in their building vanishing...

mr Dyer was done in graphite pencil and colored digitally using Photoshop


  1. This is delightfully spooky. Those faces in the wall are perfect.

    1. thanks Kristina, I'd like people to use their imagination a bit... Make up their own story

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