Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer: Things that Go Bump

I loved The Creature from The Black Lagoon for years before I ever saw the movie.

I first saw him in the back of a monster magazine alongside Dracula and Frankenstein.  I saved up and bought an action figure of him that I thought was just awesome.  The other monsters looked hokey as action figures, but the Creature looked absolutely badass.

If you haven't seen the movie -- yeah, it's pretty horrendous about the "monster falls in love with the sexy girl in the bikini" thing.  But forgive it that (oh, you crazy 50's gender norms!), and it's actually a good movie.  The underwater scenes are hypnotically beautiful.

But even if the whole movie had been terrible, I'd still love the Creature for all the mysterious lurking about he did in my imagination these years before I saw the film.

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