Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jacob Sanders - Things That Go Bump

In my hometown Hammond, IN there was a notorious incident that occurred when I was a teenager. A disturbed resident a few blocks away would lure kids my age into his home with an abundance of alcohol and drugs. He was a quiet man that neighbors rarely noticed, although local kids would refer to him as Crazy Dave. 
Apparently he was fighting demons inside, but eventually he gave in to their demands. He had strangled three boys during their incapacitated state, and buried their bodies in concrete in his basement. One of the boys was my classmate, James, a very charismatic and funny young man.

I would have frequent nightmares that Crazy Dave would come to get me next.


  1. This is incredible. Wonderful color choices to create a "sickly" uneasy atmosphere. Love the red accent here too.

  2. Thanks so much, Daniel!! Anyone who is familiar with my work knows that it is very colorful and more upbeat. This dark scene was a real challenge, but I had a lot of fun with it.